About StoryStore

StoryStore is a community for writers who want somewhere to share their ideas so that they can get recognition, inspiration and feedback. Launched in November 2012, it's a hub for your creativity and will be adding features for a long time to come!

How do I begin?

Registering for StoryStore couldn't be easier, and it's completely, 100% free. So if you're interested, register here, enter your name, e-mail and choose a password, and upload an avatar if you like. Once you're in you'll be directed to your profile, where you can create projects - see the help section for more details.

What features are going to be added to StoryStore in the future?

StoryStore is currently on version 1.20 (codenamed Great British Dangerzone). Planned for the next version are:

More long-term goals include:

If you have feature requests, either e-mail the dev team or submit a feature request issue on the GitHub repository.

Who owns the information that I upload?

StoryStore makes absolutely no claim to any data uploaded to these servers aside from that which we do ourselves. The copyright belongs to whoever created the content originally.

For the techies

StoryStore is an open-source Rails application, so feel free to check out the code on GitHub to fix bugs, add features, or just plain rip-off the code (please credit me in some way or another if you do!).